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  1. Fallen leaves (2016 - ongoing)

    Once upon a time, a letter was written from a small apartment inside a big complex at the outskirt of a big Indian city.


    Dear Ma,

    I have settled down here finally. I can see the open blue sky from the balcony. Cool breeze comes in. Kids play football on the ground like I used to play. But the ground is too small as the concretes are piled up at other sides. A big tree is here in front of our building; I do not know the name. Birds come here, a kind of purple flowers blossom there. It looks beautiful then. But I do not know how long it will be like this. Some high rises are being built far away; I can see that from the balcony. Do you remember I had a bicycle and I used to go around with it? I hardly see anyone with bicycle here except the vegetable and fish sellers. It’s dangerous to drive bicycle on the roads with too many cars. But still I miss my bicycle here. Far away there is a creek. I never went there. But it reminds me the pond in front of our home you know. We used to sail paper boats there. Can you remember the mango garden where we used to go during storms to pick up the fallen mangos? I do not see any mango tree around. My job is going well, please do not worry. Someone was telling that the office may be shifted again, may be to a different city. My health is good. How is Baba? Please take care of your knee.


    Yours Lovingly,