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  1. Human, Dog and Firefly

    Thousands of fireflies are gathering. They are determined to revolt against human race. They are taking help from the dogs. Dogs have a long history of fighting against human. They have a great army. They are fearless. The queen of the fireflies had a secret meeting with the king of dogs. They sent a spy to inspect everything. This is the right time, the spy informed. Human race is busy with celebration. They are relaxing. The army general of dogs has already got the order for preparation. They are preparing to attack from all the fronts. The army will get the marching order at any time. Once they ruled here. Now everything has gone. They want their dynasty back. They have got a perfect reason to fight. This time they will also get help from the fireflies, though very small numbers are left, but still they are giving a tremendous support. Army of the dogs has got the marching order. Very soon the war will begin. Millions of dogs and fireflies are passing through the roads, rivers, bridges, buildings. The human race will be destroyed permanently. The moon and the stars are blessing them. The lights are showing the path.


    (to be continued…till the war ends)