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  1. I am still searching myself (2015 - 2019)

    I was dancing. The breeze flowing in. Was that a dream?
    I do not think so.
    I was actually acting, but not on stage.
    Where was I?

    I was at the center of the stage,
    the lights were on.
    I was able to see some black heads only.
    Where was I?

    I was surrounded by huge debris, children were crying, people running around.
    fighter planes moving above my head, I was searching my son.
    Just a minute, my son is in front of me!
    Where was I?

    You were in your subconscious.

    I can’t continue like this,
    I can’t bear this conflict anymore,
    I can’t figure out where actually I am,
    Sometime, I can’t recognize myself.

    Don’t worry. It’s natural. You are an actor after all.

    (This project is based on an acting method called 'Inner Realism and Emotion Memory' coined by famous Russian theater director Konstantine Stanislavski in collaboration with few Kolkata based group theater actors).