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  1. Language of fossils (2015-2017)

    English philosopher Jeremy Bentham perhaps never had any idea that one of his theories would be used so heavily by the world leaders one day. The theory says that all inmates of an institution to be observed by a single watchman without the inmates being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. The name of the concept is Panopticon. Later French philosopher Michel Foucault elaborated the concept in his book Discipline and Punish as Panopticism. Foucault viewed the concept as a symbol of the disciplinary society of surveillance where everyone would be monitored from a central watch tower as an apparatus of power.

    This work is a visual interpretation of a Bengali poetry book Jibassher Bhasa written by Emon Bhattacharya which is based on Panopticism. The project is a collaboration between the photographer and the poet.